Music Hall - Saturday, Nov. 26, 9:15PM

Music Hall - Saturday, Nov. 26, 9:15PM


Music Hall is a fun, interactive evening of improvised music and comedy unlike anything else in San Diego. It has three awesome parts:

Part 1: Fast-paced, audience-inspired musical improv games, each relying on input from the audience as we literally make it all up on the spot - including the music and melodies.

Part 2: A live, improvised musical! From a single suggestion our team will create a never-before-seen musical on-the-spot!

Part 3: Its your turn to get on stage and sing with the Old Town Improv Band as we improvise the music and you improvise the lyrics and melodies to songs that have never been written!

Music Hall: Saturday, November 26th, 2016. 9:15PM

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