Complete Training for the aspiring improvisor

The iSeries is the perfect way to explore improvisation in a setting that's fun, engaging, and supportive. Our core curriculum has been designed to help people from all backgrounds reach their goals while learning a world-class set of techniques and skills. All iSeries courses feature:

  • Thoughtfully-designed, professional curriculum.
  • Veteran teachers who are more than just great performers.
  • Free student admission to our shows.


In this course, you'll discover that improv isn't just about getting on stage - it's about embracing the unknown, taking risks, and collaborating with others learning to do the same while having a ton of fun.

We'll teach you the foundations of improvisational comedy in an environment that rewards you for trying new things and letting go of your fears. We'll cover techniques, games, and ideas that teach you how to be a more comfortable and confident version of yourself while preparing you for what lies ahead.

The next i101 sessions begin on Tuesday, March 14th and Wednesday March 15th, 2017.


We believe that human relationships lie at the center of everything that we improvise. In this six-week course, students will learn to create more complex, sustainable, and ultimately funnier scenes by focusing on the people and relationships they discover onstage.

We'll explore why character is essential to good improv, and how to bring new, full-color personalities to life through improvisation. You'll also discover how character-work and relationship go hand-in-hand to produce scenes that are memorable, honest, and entertaining.

The next i201 session begins on Sunday, Feb. 26th, 2017.


Once we can construct a stable scene using the foundation elements learned in i101 and i201, we're able to build more advanced structures on top of it.

i301 explores simple scene identification, heightening, and game in a way that clarifies the path to creating hilarious and sustainable work.

The next i301 session begins on Saturday, Feb. 25th 2017.


After completing i301, iSeries students have already developed a diverse set of skills and have found success putting those skills to use. In i401: Next Level Scene & Form, you'll learn more advanced techniques that focus on improving all aspects of your work.

We'll explore new forms that stretch our knowledge of Game and how to apply it to nearly all of the work that we do. We'll learn about tempo and pacing, and expand our understanding of character. Now that you have more experience under your belt, we'll revisit risk, fear, and failure to push yourself into new areas of growth.

i401 culminates with a class performance during a student performance, and begins on Wednesday, March 15th, 2017.