Inclusion Initiative Scholarship Application

Thanks for your interest in our Inclusion Initiative Scholarship! Our goals are to increase the diversity of Old Town Improv Company students and performers, provide class opportunities to underrepresented groups, and create a theatre culture that prioritizes inclusiveness.

If selected, you will:

  1. Receive a full tuition scholarship for one OTIC class of any level, usable within 6 months of its award date
  2. Receive free admission to any and all OTIC shows while enrolled in the class

Inclusion Initiative Panel will make decisions using the following criteria:

  1. The applicant contributes to the racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or differently-abled diversity at Old Town Improv Company
  2. The applicant exhibits a genuine interest in learning improv, either for the sake of performance opportunities or personal growth
  3. The applicant works well with others

Who Can Apply

Anyone who identifies as one or more of the following:

  • POC (person of color)
  • Female
  • Differently-abled
  • Veteran or retired military
  • Above 60

If you identify in a category not listed here, but think you would contribute to an underrepresented group, apply and tell us so! Previous applicants and current scholarship recipients are both encouraged to reapply.

How to Apply

Answer the following application questions and and send them in a separate email to, the title of which should read, "Your Name - Inclusion Initiative Scholarship Application, July 2017." Late applications will not be considered. If you are not selected, we encourage you to try again during the next application period!

The application period is currently closed. It will reopen in early September.

Application Questions:

  1. Name:
  2. Phone:
  3. Email:

    For the following questions, write as much as you feel fully answers each question. No length restrictions here!
  4. Tell us about your background (racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, gender identity, differently-abled, age, veteran status, etc.). Whatever you think makes you a good fit for this scholarship, let us know!
  5. Why do you want to learn improv? Tell us about your interest in Old Town Improv Co. and any history you may have as a performer/improvisor (classes, current or previous teams, aspirations, etc.). Again, if you have no experience, that’s no problem; just tell us why you’d like to start now.
  6. What would receiving a scholarship mean to you, financially? Please be as truthful as possible. 
  7. For which class would you most likely use your scholarship, if awarded? i101, i201, etc.

Thanks, and good luck!