Our weekly drop-ins are an awesome and fun opportunity for improvisors to add new tools, tips, and skills to their palette. Taught by experienced instructors, each of these focused, two-hour sessions introduces and explores a specific technique or approach to our work.

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extreme ENSEMBLE

July 23rd, 2017 / 5:00-7:00PM / $10

Onstage, there's nothing as powerful as a fully-committed ensemble. With an active team behind them, improvisors can dare to make any offer, explore any idea, and take their work anywhere.

In this workshop, we'll attack the stage as the world's most supportive team. We'll learn what it takes to make sure we're active participants in every single scene - ready to heighten, edit, carry, and paint your fellow players towards success. We'll break down common barriers that stand in the way of becoming the most supportive and engaged performer that you can be!

This workshop is well-suited for individuals, as well as partial or entire teams.

  • Instructor: Mike McFarland
  • Experience Level: This workshop will benefit performers and students of all levels, but a basic understanding of improv fundamentals is required.