Our weekly drop-ins are an awesome and fun opportunity for improvisors to add new tools, tips, and skills to their palette. Taught by experienced instructors, each of these focused, two-hour sessions introduces and explores a specific technique or approach to our work.

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Details Are Funny!

Sunday, October 8th, 5-7:00PM (w/ Julie Fishbach)

Looking for a way to make ordinary improv scenes memorable? Adding details into your dialogue and object work creates a scene that's more realistic and much more fun. In this drop-in class we'll focus on how and when to get more specific in your scenework. We'll explore how specificity leads both you and your scene partner to be more invested in your set, and leaves the audience eager for more!

  • Instructor: Julie Fishbach
  • When: Sunday, October 8th, 5-7:00PM
  • Experience Level: This workshop will benefit performers and students of all levels, but a basic understanding of improv fundamentals is required.

Julie Fishbach performs regularly in improv, sketch, and music comedy sets across Chicago. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Julie brings a laid back but goofy vibe to shows and festivals. She's been improvising regularly since the age of 8, leading school teams and eventually teaching kids, teens, and college students throughout California. She is a graduate of UC San Diego, and moved to Chicago in 2015 to pursue a career in comedy. Julie has completed the Second City Training Center's Conservatory and Music Conservatory, as well as the iO Training Center's Improv Program.