Our weekly drop-ins are an awesome and fun opportunity for improvisors to add new tools, tips, and skills to their palette. Taught by experienced instructors, each of these focused, two-hour sessions introduces and explores a specific technique or approach to our work.

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Catch and release With Chris George

August 27th, 2017 / 5:00-7:00PM / $10

The jaguar is an opportunistic, stalk-and-ambush apex predator that waits and attacks when the time is right. We're going to learn to improvise like the jaguar.

This workshop will focus on slice-of-life type scenes, built around generally recognizable archetypes, acting in achingly funny and intimately understandable relationships. Using the power of listening, patience, selection, discretion, and reaction, students will learn to stay in-the-moment, active and ready to pounce on the interesting, funny, and yummy things that make scenes interesting to watch.

This workshop will look at analyzing some of the skills that will be necessary in smaller, two-person dynamics, as well as group scenes that will allow you to hunt and eat like a Jaguar.

  • Instructor: CHRIS GEORGE
  • Experience Level: This workshop will benefit performers and students of all levels, but a basic understanding of improv fundamentals is required.