Holiday Parties & Events

Looking for a holiday party idea that makes your company add “event-planning guru” to your business card? Want to hear co-workers use words like “unbelievable” and “hilarious” after the event you single-handedly put together for them? It’s easier than you think - just call us at Old Town Improv Co! We specialize in laughter, fun, and making every event a unique experience.

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Bridging the Gap

In this program, participants use applied improvisation techniques to understand and experience the science of communication, connection, and creativity. Whether it’s you, your team, or your entire company, Bridging the Gap is a fun, engaging, and proven way to positively affect your personal and professional relationships. The results are immediate and lasting.

Participants in this half-day course explore:

  • Different behavior styles and their roles within a group
  • How to choose the correct communication style in difficult situations
  • Dynamic and stress-free group interaction exercises
  • New tools to overcome common communication gaps
  • Techniques to build instant rapport
  • Identifying personal processing modes, as well as decision making modes
  • Parameters involved in building a truly successful team

How it works: Our training combines a researched-backed, scientific approach with cutting-edge improvisation techniques to unlock creativity and more effective communication. Each participant is given an in-depth personality profile, offering a direct path to reshaping and strengthening your environment - whether it’s work, family, or interpersonal.

In addition, this course trains participants to understand the four personality quadrants, and identifies which quadrant they most often frequent. In the process, they’ll learn to communicate with each of the quadrants more effectively, and walk away feeling more confident, insightful, and relaxed.

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